LEINE LINDE 1000 Extreme Encoder

LEINE LINDE 1000 Extreme Encoder

Are you looking for the most robust, maintenance-free and cost-effective encoder? Then the 800 series is for you – it’s the first choice of most engineers!

The product series has a long history of successful operation in applications within heavy industries, such as the steel, paper, marine, and wind power industries. These industries place stringent demands on robustness and reliability, and the encoder is designed thereafter. Mechanically it features a dual set of heavy duty bearings and a well-encapsulated enclosure.

The 800 series can also be equipped with Leine Linde’s advanced diagnostics system, ADS Uptime™, for condition-based maintenance. And there are functional safety certified encoder models available, as well as an ATEX/IECEx-certified encoder for use in hazardous locations.

Thông số kỹ thuật
Diameter115 mm
Vibration300 m/s2
Shock2000 m/s2
Shaft load axial 1000 N
Shaft load radial680 N
Encapsulation level IP67
TemperatureVariants up to -40 .. +100ºC
Model - Part Number
ModelPart numberĐộ phân giải – Resolution

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LEINE LINDE 1000 Extreme

Extreme in every way. Handles most things

The steel industry has many examples of environments with extreme requirements in terms of temperature, mechanical forces, vibrations and shocks. For such types of applications, we have designed the 1000 series. An encoder series with exceptional durability, suited to an exposed environment.

Thanks to a high encapsulation level the encoder’s internal parts are protected from dust and liquids. We can manufacture the product in stainless steel on request.

We offer different incremental and absolute interfaces, or combinations thereof in a single product. The absolute interfaces available include SSI and EnDat as well as fieldbus communication.

1000 seriesMultifunctional encoders with extreme durability

Equipped for extreme environments in many applications within metal, mining and marine industries the demands on the equipment is exceptional. the machines are subject to exposure from mechanical loads, vibrations and shock in an environment of dust, liquids and high temperatures. they handle advanced machinery with utmost safety demands and economical value – failure may never be an option. such conditions require components of extraordinary durability, ready to meet extreme challenges in the field.

Robustness first the encoders in the 1000 series are designed based on one key requirement – offer the most robust mechanical solution possible. the space for ball bearings has been optimized, enabling a dual set of bearings with dimensions that are nothing less than extreme when it comes to encoders. the high encapsulation level, iP67, protects the inner parts from dust and liquids, and as special option the housing can even be provided in stainless steel.

Modular, redundant and multifunctional
the 1000 series is based on a modular concept with many options that can be combined into one multifunctional unit. one encoder unit may include
dual incremental outputs for redundant speed feedback together with an absolute position output with optional fieldbus technology. this gives a redundant and multifunctional encoder adapted for each specific application.

Thông số kỹ thuật

operating temperature-40..+70 °c or -20..+100 °c *
ingress protection class [iec 60529]iP67
Vibration [iec 6006826]300 m/s²
shock [iec 60068227]2000 m/s²
max shaft loads (axial/radial)1000N/680N **
cover materialanodized aluminum ***
shaft materialstainless steel
rotational speed max4000 rpm
Weightapprox. 6900 g ****

* optional: -40..+70 °c standard for interface HcHtl, ssi, parallel, ProfiBus, crG overspeed -20..+100 °c standard for interface Htl, ttl, rs422, endat
** Based on variant with Ø15 mm shaft
*** stainless steel upon request
**** Based on variant with one box and no stub shaft

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