Yamamoto Ordinary Vacuum Gauge A 3/8G -0.1 Mpa

Danh mục: Pressure gauge
Hãng sản xuất: YAMAMOTO KEIKI
Tóm tắt:

Vacuum gauge A 3/8G, size 100; -0.1 – 0 MPa.

Vacuum gauge A 3/8G, size 100; -0.1 – 0 MPa. A wide manufacturing range of Bourdon tube pressure gauges meeting JIS.B7505 standard, including pressure gauge, vacuum gauge and compound gauge, are available.

Shape of casing Standard case, Closed case, Type A, Type B, Type D (front rim or middle rim)
Connecting thread φ60…R1/4 (G1/4), φ75…G3/8, φ100…G3/8, G1/2, φ150…G3/8, G1/2, φ200…G1/2.
Materials for the parts touching liquid General Use: socket C3604BD, YBSC3), bourdon tube (C2700T, SCM435, SUS316), Corrosion Resistant application(for, ammonia): socket (SUS316), bourdon (SUS316)
Pressure range Pressure gauge: 0~100MPa, (φ60:to 25MPa, φ75:to 60MPa), (0~1000kg/c, (φ60 to 250kg/c㎡, φ75 to 600kg/c㎡)). Vacuum gauge: -0.1~0MPa, (76cmHg~0cmHg). Compound gauge: -0.1~2.5MPa, (76cmHg~25kg/c㎡).
Classification(mark) Ordinary type for steam (M), Heatproof type (H), Vibration-proof type (V), Vibration-proof type for steam (MV), Heat and vibration proof type (HV)
Accuracy ±1.6%F.S.