Proval V101-V102 Valves

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Butterfly valves, free leak, easy and economic automation capabilities.


Butterfly valves, since their invention in 1960’s became one of the most demanded flow control elements in industrial and domestic flow control applications due to their light weight, karaoke speaker, low pressure loss, 100% leak free operation, easy and economic automation capabilities.


Butterfly valves have wide range of applications in water, sea water, steel, food, paper, chemical, petrochemical and all HVAC and general industrial flow process controls.

Design Standard EN 558 Series 20 (DIN3202-K1), ISO5752 Series 20, API609 Table 1, BS5155 Series 4.
Top Flange Standard ISO5211
Leakage Test Standard EN12266-1/2
Working Pressure Max 16 bar
Differential Pressure ∆p 16 bar
Vacuum Max 0.2 bar relative pressure

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