Krohne H250-RR Variable Area Flow Meter

Danh mục: Transmitters
Hãng sản xuất: KROHNE
Tóm tắt:

Stainless steel, explosion protection flow-meter, flow-range 25..250 L/m, accuracy 1.6%, limit switch K2 min/max NAMUR standard.

Krohne H250-RR variable area flow meters operates of the float principle. Depending on the flow rate, the float will assume a certain vertical position in the tube. The float position is transmitted by a magnetic coupling system to the scale. This simple, time-tested design will ease installation time and lower maintenance demands.

  • Simple, low-cost installation: Measure and display without auxiliary power supply
  • Universal Ex concept: Ex i and Ex d
  • Any installation position: vertical upward, horizontal, vertical downward
  • Choice of material: Stainless steel, hastelloy ®, titanium, Monel, PTFE/TFM etc
  • Many connection variants: flanged, screwed, clamped, weld-on ends etc
  • Extended measuring range: up to100:1
  • High application safety, even with extremely low flows
Measuring accuracy 1.6%
Measuring flow-range 25…250 L/m
Protection IP 66/69 according to EN60529, NEMA 4/4X/6 according to NEMA 250
Temperature -196…+3000C
Ambient temperature -40…+700C
Material stainless steel, Hastelloy, Ceramics/PTFE