MEK-3000 TwinTorque ™

SKU: MEK-3000
Danh mục: Consistency
Hãng sản xuất: BTG
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MEK-3000 TwinTorque ™ Rotating Shear Force Consistency Transmitter

BTG’s new generation of easier, smaller, smarter, lighter instruments offers a range of new possibilities for consistency measurement while promising significant cost reductions, Meeting room audio. Based on the theoretically verified relation between fiber consistency and shear force strength of the fiber network, MEK-3000 TwinTorque ™ uses BTG’s new patented twin motor technology to guarantee the highest accuracy and repeatability. The market-leading long-term stability performance is achieved by the state-of-the-art feedback system. The compact form, single-phase electrical connection and low weight make for easy handling and exceptional installation flexibility. Developed as the result of our long experience gained from many generations of BTG’s ‘classic’ MEK, MEK-3000 TwinTorque delivers top performance for applications from the digester all the way through to the paper machine. BTG’s MEK series includes models designed for the most demanding applications, handling consistencies from 1-16% .

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